Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That Girl

Sometimes I wonder
could I be that pretty girl
With the short messy hair?
The one that everyone
calls "quirky" and "creative"?
Funky style and always one step

I know you know that girl.
Even I think it's a privilege
to just stand near her.
With her flock of sheep
Baa-ing at her every word;
Grinning like fleshless skulls-
there is no other choice.

Watch her sometime-
effortlessly calculated
Confidence and just a hint
of Insecurity.
After all, we musn't forget her
delicate and feminine

I want to be her
bathed in light.
Call me Helen
And I will launch a thousand ships
Making everyone my love's fool.

Every now and then…
I hate that pretty, pretty girl.

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