Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eye of an Old Woman

I have a liquid eye
my world surpasses the years
I've been here
My ears are like funnels
Vacuum, sucking
I see like a tornado
My ears, the eye of the storm
Everyone's word become
my own
Everyone's truth
Everyone's truth?
Yes, they are my own truths
Lies born through me
wrapped in filth and disgust
They become my demons that cannot

I see horrors, the nightly world gossip
My liquid eye swallows and swirls
taking it all in
My hands and feet bound together
The words of the world (but they are much more than the world)
ensconce me like wax,
molded around me
My head, like a wick remains

Everyone wants to see my eyes
My soul fly away in smoke
They torment me
My eyes pinned open
My ears unclogged
The Fury of the world
opens her mouth wide


Devastation! Destruction!
the earth's wasteland
Out fly the demons
Out fly the heavens
that They attempt to hold hostage

This terrorism
steams my liquid eye
My heart, my mind

Danielle N. Sanders (c) 2008

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