Saturday, April 11, 2009

Double Helix

Write the chaos
get it out
take it down
stare it in the face
Set free the terror in your breast
Feel the scratch and the ache
The gnawing from within...

When I begin,
if I can begin
winds will HOWL
and loves will be jilted
Desires pulled out of remission
eating away at memory
like corrupted DNA; replicating

Hearing and seeing
Your words all over again
lopsided smile pulling to the right
reluctant to reconcile with the schism
in my brain-
One side straight and clean
clear and arrogant
The other crestfallen and twisted
murky and congealed

Words of sadness
thrown away
Beat them down
bludgeon and lay waste
Fight back, be free

by Danielle N. Sanders (c) 2008


  1. Hmm..this offers a very unique idea. It's almost as if your DNA has schizophernia.. Well written none the less, but I don't expect anything less. :)

  2. Beautiful. And intriguing. Almost a meta-catharsis of sorts, the way you let such passion flow out of a written piece about releasing inner turmoil through the written piece. I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to more in the future. I can easily see myself becoming a regular visitor.